Ahad, September 13, 2009

Time goes by but nothin changes..

may god bless all readers in trioplot..im sorry for milion time for dificulity to post entry in trioplot..it's not because im having brain damage to post or to lazy or whatever but sometimes , silent is the best way . Why im typing in english?..there a reason about it..im typing more seriously sentences in english then malay..when im type in malay i can't make seriuos sentences..forget about it.let's start now..

Im too polite with people?
That should life be right?
When we be good or nice with anyone , mind will automatically set the people we be good and nice will respons the same way as we does..
but..not that easy.people take advantage for people like us directly and indirect without notice be them or not..
Sadly..we good to people , we get nothing..ok..nothing is ok..but we get the trouble..sure it's feel..why this must happen?..im to naive ? , or god want to show me something..

yes..im forgot..pray..pray..and pray..that's the basic think ..not because it's ramadhan month..but pray is the compulsory in life..believe the good days will come and all problem will gone as wind goes by..

Happy fasting and selamat hari raya..

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

heh..Ramadhan bulan keberkatan....

yang lepas lepas la...

lu watla apa yg sepatutnya lu buat..jgn pikir nk jg ati org ajer..hati lu sape plak nk jaga?kalo ade org jaga xperla.

tp xpela..mende baik yg kite buat ni tuhan akn bls, cepat atau lmbt, tunai atau akhirat...tu je..balas ttp akn bls.

gua suke frasa yg bawah tu..pray..pray..pray...that basic...heh

cool bro.life must going on.123 go...